If you want a quick look up then the £20 per hour price will probably be the best option. I have a client who has returned frequently over the years for what we call, 'bits & pieces' of research or checking. The hourly rate suits him very well.

There are many scenarios and features of family history people want, it might therefore be better to pay a set fee and I will stop the clock and disappear down various rabbit holes to investigate! 

Every research project is different, I should be happy to give a quote after your consultation. I accept payment by BACS, PayPal or cheque in advance.

A twenty minute free telephone consultation is offered for all UK clients

Research Fees by the Hour




Printing of documents

10p per sheet depending on package

Tree Charts

These will be outsourced if required.



Purchased from the General Register Office. £11 for certificates or if available £7 for PDF downloads

£7 - £11

The cost of any certificates or documents required to further the research will be agreed with and paid for by  the client in advance.

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