Thank you to all my clients for the following reviews:

"Sue can find out all sorts of amazing information concerning the families she researches. I cannot praise her enough for all the work she has done on my family tree. I have no idea where she finds her information, but find it she does.

Recently Sue found out that I had a famous 1920's artist in my family. I was absolutely thrilled because I was sent so much information about this new person in my tree.

Sue is thorough, informative and knows all there is to know about researching families. If she doesn’t know something she will persevere until she finds out.

If you want your family tree done professionally and thoroughly then Sue is the family researcher for you."
Hilary Dargan Rice, Coulsdon, Surrey

"My wife Hilary recommended me to Sue. I had quite a lot of information regarding my father’s family, but hardly any about my mother’s side of the family. I gave Sue a few dates and names of places I believed my mother’s family had come from. Within a few days she produced a large amount of information about my nineteenth century relatives from rural Wiltshire."
Richard Dargan, Coulsdon, Surrey

"Sue has done my family tree on both sides of my family. One was done as a birthday present for my Mum and the other one was done as I was curious about my paternal Grandmother and her 18 siblings. I was surprised to find out my Grandmother's maternal line went from Wales all the way back to Poland.

The best thing about Sue is her enthusiasm and the fact that she is just as excited as you are to see where your roots lay.

Would definitely recommend."
Sam Debourde, Carshalton, Surrey

"I just want to say thank you to Sue . I have been searching for my birth mother for 35 years with no luck . Sue found my birth mum which led onto a whole new birth family . I will be forever grateful."
Séan Kaye

14.11.2021 10:28
"Susan- Thank you very much for the massive volume of work I received from my family Kris and Racheal Ellis. Very impressed. I have a couple of questions. I will send you my email."
David Ellis

"Thank you Sue for an amazing trove of Palmer history! With your easy to read professional reports you have taken our family back another 470 years of ancestry!"
Gray in Canada.

30th March 2022
"It has been absolutely fascinating having Sue trace my tree back on my mother's side. I have always been fascinated in genealogy but had never looked into it before, so when somebody recommended her to me, I jumped at the chance and have not looked back since! With very few relatives still living, I had only managed to scrabble together the very basic of information but Sue quickly and efficiently did her thing and took me back to my Great Great Grandfather! Sue is so passionate about what she does as well, and really cares about the history of the families she traces back. I would strongly recommend Sue's services to anyone looking to delve into any of their past... you will be in very safe hands!"
Heather Cairns, Carshalton, Surrey

2nd May 2022
"Just been going through my family trees and seen lots of notes and records you prepared for me, a lot of what I know about my family is because of you!"
Mark Simmonds

18th February 2024

"What a wonderful job you have done, it is much appreciated. How very interesting it all is. Plenty of reading for me to do."

Jimmy, New Zealand

26th April 2024

"Thank you so much for your great enthusiasm, as well as empathy, for my
quest, frequent updates on progress and for speedily reaching the goal.
I can now visit the burial place of the father I never knew."
Geoff, Liverpool

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Email 25. Oct, 2021

Racheal Ellis

Sue helped me tremendously with a search for my father in laws’ grandads’ family. She is highly skilled and knows where to look to find amazing information that you would just never find on your own, for example news articles about your relatives lives
that give colour to their history. You begin to feel you get to know them. Additionally, Sue is so sensitive about the information she uncovers. She becomes attached to the people she is researching and this means you feel your relatives are in good hands.
She managed to uncover relatives all the way back to the 1600’s! I would highly recommend Sue’s services, the report we received was amazing. The detail is outstanding and it will make a fantastic 70th birthday gift for my father in law. Thank you so much