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My obsession with family history began about 40 years ago. After researching my family, I started researching my husband's. Soon, I was researching for friends and colleagues at work. 

My dream was to start my own genealogical research business, this I did when I retired in 2019.

I have the privilege of welcoming new clients and seeing the return of previous clients. Each project tells a different story of real people and the times in which they lived. Two of the most emotive projects I've undertaken were to find the birth families of clients; the outcome for both was a very healing experience.

My mission is to create value for myself [as I love the hunt and love the past in equal measure] and create value for my clients to give them an insight to their roots. In my experience, genealogy can be a healing experience for some clients; in understanding and knowing the lives of their ancestors, they can sometimes see repeated patterns and this can explain many things in the families and life in the present. I am happy to discuss this aspect further should you wish.

I have also enjoyed researching the history of various addresses. 

No two projects are the same, I am always excited to begin a new project, travelling with my client, discovering the lives of their ancestors.