The starting point of any research I undertake for my clients is based on the information they give me. Should my client give me incorrect information and the report of the research has to be rectified or further research has to be undertaken, the client will pay the full hourly rate. I guarantee to undertake the research to my best ability; should I make any errors, I shall of course rectify them with no charge.

I cannot give a 100% guarantee that I will achieve all my clients’ specifications as I can only work with records available at the time of research. If a client wishes a project completed within a certain time, I will do my best to achieve this, but cannot guarantee all areas will be covered within that time, therefore I'd appreciate as much time as possible.

As more records become available, additional research could reveal more information about the ancestors of the client, this may lead to the client requesting a re-evaluation of the existing research. Should my clients wish for further research in the future, I would offer a 10% discount of my hourly rate.

All fees are to be paid for in advance. Any documents or certificates that are required to further the research will be discussed with the client and will be paid for by the client in advance.

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